{ryan}: Ryan is a visual artist with a penchant towards journalism. His passion began when he became a photographer for the local newspaper. Through capturing real and candid moments, he was not only inspired by them, but also driven to continue to document them through visual mediums. He has taken this approach towards wedding photography and videography and continues to find new ways to capture all the special moments between a bride, a groom, and all the little things in between.

Tidbits: Ryan loves rock climbing and never misses a concert in town. 


{danny}: Growing up, Danny was fortunate enough to have had access to an analog camcorder.  Filming home videos and capturing childhood moments was his specialty.  From the decades that follow, his love for filming and editing has only grown stronger.  With the introduction of HDSLR video, this love has blossomed.

A friend of his had asked if he could help film their wedding.  And the rest, as they say, is history. Danny truly believes that there is not a better way to capture a precious moment than through moving images.  The beauty and emotion that are captured are indescribable.  Being able to share this with family and friends is what draws him to this medium.  His passion is to capture, life & love, in motion.


{sharon}: Photography is part of my everyday life, I use to carry my digital camera everywhere I go, documenting every little details in my life, it could be as casual as a lazy BBQ afternoon, a snowboarding fun weekend, a Wednesday sleepless beer night over at friends or as formal as my sisters wedding. Until one day, a makeup artist friend of mine, ask if I wanted to do a photo shoot together, that was the first time I shot with a real camera! I finally found the real fun playing with a DSLR, from that day on, I’ve never went back to a digital camera again, ever!I love traveling, I love going around the world seeing how other people live, love, and laugh. My dream is to travel/backpacking around the world and be a travel/photo/journalism, to capture and create stories of people I see and meet. Or perhaps a destination photographer.ps.

Tidbits: I love veggies and love making others eating veggies too!



{wen}: My connection with wedding photography started when I asked my friend if I could shoot some behind the scene at her wedding. It was the first time for me to see how the wedding was done from start to finish. I was amazed how much details and efforts need to be put in, and I feel like to be a part of the team that helps capture all the special moments in life, I then started to take some photography class to enhance my skills. Photography is fun but challenging, and I’m excited to continuously meet more wonderful people and share their stories through my lens.I love hanging with kids and playing with dogs, I enjoy good food and good wine. I love driving around and explode the world, life shouldn’t be sitting in a cubical with steps and repeats.

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{emma}: I am a visual artist living in Southern California. I love to tell stories! My favorite thing about weddings are the unique narratives that each couple has the ability to tell. I enjoy capturing all the major and subtle moments during your wedding day so that you can relive those special memories over and over again. My approach to cinematography is all about combining stunning visuals with your unique love story. I pay very close attention to the small details that make your wedding special because you are often too caught up in the days events to stop and admire the little things.


{winnie}: As a mother of two, Winnie treasures every moment she spends with her angels. She cherishes all the precious moments of their lives. Their first steps, first birthdays, even their first haircut were all documented, whether through the lens of her camera or simple notes in her diary.  However, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? That is how she started photography. Capturing those precious moments with just one picture is so much easier and meaningful than writing hundreds of pages describing how cute and memorable they were.  And a sharp photograph adds tremendous impression for family and friends to cherish the moment. As she continues to develop her photography skills, Winnie finds that she truly enjoys being a photographer, whether it is capturing moments of her precious ones or the ones of other families.