Michelle Chiu

Most people describe me...

as inexplicably smiley all the time. When I hear that, I always laugh and hope that is a good thing. ^^

More than pictures, I love people. I love meeting people, getting to know them, hearing their stories, spending quality time just bonding and laughing with each other.

Photography has always been something I loved; I have billions and billions and billions of pictures. I started out with a dinky Canon elph SD 100. Yes, that’s right - SD 100, the original elph. Very old school, but served me quite well! I was always the one going around snapping photos and making sure that memory would be forever imprinted in pictures.

What I love to capture the most, is the personalities of couples! Whether they are insanely silly, nerdy, ultra sweet, super serious, nature loving, a bit shy, have a funky style, a bit competitive, or whatever the case maybe, I hope to freeze those unique moments into a picture. Every shoot I do, rather than have the couple fit into a set style and pose, I brainstorm and develop a unique style and theme that fits around the couple. My greatest hope is that my photographs can really highlight that special something every couple has. ^^ That’s what I love to do the most!