"Tell Us Your Love Story" Contest

Tell us your story, and we’ll tell yours in stills and film! Simply shoot a short video and tell us what’s unique to you and your wedding, or about the journey that brought you together. Post it on our Facebook page, share it with your friends and you could receive complementary photography and cinematography coverage for your wedding! If you don’t win the Tell Us Your Love Story Contest, all participants will still receive a special gift  ;)

The Steps:

  1. Make a short video of you and your future husband/wife to be and tell us about your love story.
  2. Upload it directly to our facebook page: www.facebook.com/cottonlovestudios (you’ll have to like our page first).
  3. Share it with your friends and get the word out!

The Rules:

  • Subject to availability.
  • Wedding must be between 2013 and the end of 2014.
  • Winner shall receive up to 10 hours of complementary wedding photography and cinematography with high resolution photos, a 4 minute highlight film and raw video footage.
  • Submissions will be taken up until June 14th, 2013. We will announce a winner shortly after.

UPDATE: We’ve extended the deadline by 2 extra weeks to June 14th since we know some of you out there are asking for a bit more time. So, here’s your chance! We’re looking forward to hearing all about your stories!