Suzy + Isaac


My engagement session with Suzy and Issac was scheduled on an extremely overcast day but was unfortunately postponed to a few days later… but I’m so glad it was. The sky turned out to be amazing that day! The rain clouds just parted and the sun was shining down on us for the whole shoot.

Suzy and Issac had great chemistry between them. I would put them into a position and they would just be so at ease and natural with each other, which only made my job that much easier. Photographing them was a real pleasure and I can’t wait for more of the opportunity at their wedding in Northern California next month. Suzy also brought home made pumpkin cookies for me during our shoot and I can easily say they were the best pumpkin cookies I’ve ever had. I think half the reason I’m looking forward to their wedding is for a chance to have some more of her cookies…

Hair and makeup | Susie Chhuor